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so everywhere i go online to look at wheels it says that 5x100 will fit. But the xB pattern is 5x114.3.... does anyone have 5x100?
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Not trying to Jack the thread but can you get the 5 Axis Kit?
look at trd sparks for 5 axis kits

I know sparks has em for $875 but I was seeing if you could get em cheaper :boxing: I know the dealer price and that's what I am looking for!!!!
sorry sir , I can not !
No prob. Never hurts to ask!
whats the dealer price on the kit?

A little over $600 i believe. I would have to check back with my parts guy again. The problem is that he couldnt get it anymore or else he would have sold it to me for $10 over cost. They only offer a 2011 kit and its freaking stupid $$. $1600 or $1800
21 - 27 of 27 Posts
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