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About freakin time

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So yeah my RS is finally here. Dealer called me at 9am this morning to let me know it came in late yesterday and they got it all ready to go today. I am a little pissed as I told him to call me when it came in. I knew they had work to do before it would be ready but I needed to make arangments to get to the dealer. Then on top of it he tells me that they are busy with appointments and won't be able to do the paper work until 3:15pm. You know how hard it is to wait when you know your car is there and you have to wait another 5hrs? I mean yeah its better then it not being there but now I am at home trying to keep myself busy not thinking about it. Plus because I didn't make arangments I am gonna go over there and do the paper work at 3pm but not be able to actually pick it up till after 6pm tonight. I tell ya what if I ever buy another scion it won't be from this dealer. I asked him the number he said "he thinks" so 100% if its right. #683. I was kinda hoping to be in the first 500.
As far as first song I have to go with my third choice. My first choice was Thunder Horse by dethklok. Unfotunatly my CD was inside my radio when it was stolen out of my Jetta. Getting the regular albumn is easy, getting the Deluxe album is pain in the arse. The second choice was the soundtrack from Road to El Dorado. I figure city of gold, car of gold you know. However I never bought this CD. One I always wanted but never got around to it. Yeah now its out of print and a ***** to find. So third choice will be Ladies and Gentelmen by Saliva. If you don't know the song you have probably heard it on the new PS3 commercials.
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So how long did you have to wait?

In late 2000/early 2001 I waited 5 months for my diesel Beetle... I lost $500 off my trade in back then.

I think I waited about a week and a half for my xB.. they didn't have a Nautical Blue on their lot or in inventory, but I lucked out in that they had just done a trade for one of their xBs and were getting my (future) car in return.
woohoo! It's finally here! :D Sorry you gotta wait. I'd show up anyhow. If they wanna sell it, they'll squeeze ya in. Don't know what to tell ya on the first song. I guess I didn't give it any thought.

What about "Golddigger" ? :D :rofl:
YESSS! Finally!

I agree... just go in early. You could always take the xB home and leave the other car there & go back for it at 6pm.
No can't do that. I have to leave at 6pm to go to the philly scikotics meet. To go pick up my girlies car would mean driving over to get it, then going back to the house then out to the meet. I am already halfway there when I get to the dealer. Much better to leave it and pick it up later. Time wise at least.
wooooooooooohooooooooooooo! Sweet! Its about freakingime! Hope you have your camera ready so you can take pics! Cant wait to see it!
I am so glad that you are finally going to get rollin' w/ your new set of wheels.Waiting for something so exciting as gettin' an xb is hard. I didn't sleep well until mine was parked out in the yard. Even then I was out cruising around until 2 and 3 in the morning. I think the dealership should give you a freebie, like an extra service or something for waiting so long. Everybody is going to be anxious to see it so post some pics as soon as the wheels stop moving ha ha . :yes:
So I am now the proud owner of RS5 #683 which just happens to be........still sitting at the dealer. :(

Yeah little draw back I didn't think about. My bank I am getting the loan through is in NC. So they have to send them the check via fed-ex which won't get there till tuesday or wensday. So I still gotta wait a few more days.

Oh and how upset am I when we are going over the invoice and the spoiler is listed as $425. I sit there and argue that the price is $320. The bring up the web site and the price has been changed to $425. I am so pissed. Its no there fault but damn it man. I been waiting on this thing for a long time and the price changes before I get mine???? WTF????. Scion is going to hear bout this. They already know I am pissed over it taking so long to get to me. I mean I love this vehical no doubts and I don't even have it yet, but this whole experiance is turning me off of buying another one ever again.
Glad you are finally so close to getting your baby. Yeah Id write scion and let them know what a headache its been, there supposed to be all customer friendly. Who knows maybe you’ll get something from them but at least it might make you feel better and let them know how they can improve there business. I can understand how you feel but didn’t go through the same issues as I went it on wed and bought my car on thur in cash and drove away with it. Your lucky to have a RS I’m thinking I should of waited and got one myself :(.
gldnchld360...I thought you had an RS with the name. What color do you have?
oh haha yeah this would be a sweet name if I had one, the name's becasue Im half asian and "we" have golden skin and its from a movie..just poped into my head Im thinking about making it my lience plate number. To asnwer your questions I have a NB scion..for now :naughty:
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