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Accessory Installation Manuals

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Hi fellow xB drivers.

As I mentioned in my previous posts, I am considering some stock accessories.
They are:

i. overhead storage bin
ii. c-pillar storage
iii. cargo net

Does anybody have the installation manual for them?
I realize that they require some drilling.
I'm not so excited about doing that to my 4-day old car...
So I'd like to check out the instructions before I proceed with the purchase.

If anybody have them, please let me know.

Thanks :D
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In PDF just the way I like my manuals...
I took extensive pictures when I installed the overhead console in my xB, but didn't post them and now Scionpix is down. ???

Update: Posted pics at:
And you don't have backups?
Shame on you...
I went and downloaded the manuals for the three items I am awaiting (the same 3 mentioned in post 1 of this thread).

It looks like I need to go and buy some new drill accessories. This is something I REALLY don't want to screw up!
I can't speak to the other two, but I did the cargo net install, which involved drilling holes in the side panels (and underlying sheet metal) in the rear cargo area.

I can't remember what size drill bits I ended up using, but you should know that the instructions are WRONG... or, at least they have metric (mm) size drill bits, and it's near impossible to find metric drill bits at the more popular hardware stores in North America.

I converted metric/English and did the best I could, but ended up having to enlarge the holes a couple of times beyond what the instructions say before I could screw the anchors in to the point where I felt like they were a solid grab without worrying that I was torquing them so hard that they would break off in my hand. Just take your time, go slow and gradually enlarge the holes slowly and you'll be fine.

End of the day, it was a clean install but I wish the OEM cargo net had the full length available for storage... that left-hand area with the velcro pockets is dumb and limits the cargo net to only be able to hold about 2-3 full bags of groceries.
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