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Hi Everyone! I am looking around on how to install a navigation module to my 2015 Scion xB to use the map feature. Anybody already did this to their 2015 xB? or maybe same procedure to other xBs? If so where can I find/buy the Navigation Module and what is the specific part number to search for.

I was searching on Youtube for the procedure but only to see FRS models. Also looking around on ebay but cant find anything that is for my 2015 xB.

I found a post on how to do it for a 2014 Scion xB model, is it the same parts and procedures?

Please no suggestions like; "just use your iPhone instead" or "go to your Toyota dealer and have them install it" because I already know it is expensive! LOL!

I live in Los Angeles area, if you know or had been to a shop in Los Angeles area that will do it for me cheaper than the price of the dealer will might consider it as an option.

Anyway, please help me out! Thanks!
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