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Hey all!

I finally got around to buying an axle back exhaust for the xB. I found the AFE Takeda axle back exhaust on clearance via ebay for a $180 or best offer price. So, for schits and giggles, I floated a $130 shipped offer, which they accepted

As some of you may know, these exhaust have listed and sold for between $350 and $400 since they came out, which I though was absolutely silly for two pieces of exhaust pipe and a tip. Yup, this system deletes the rear muffler, which I was afraid was going to sound like poop, but hey, for $130 shipped Id take the chance.

Had it installed today and wow, why does Scion even have a rear muffler on these things? With this muffler delete pipe, you still can't even hear the exhaust at idle, and you only hear a nice low volume growl when you give it the boot. I mean, you can redline the motor with this rear pipe and still talk normally 2 feet behind the car.

So yes, it's definitely worth the money if you pick it up below $250, which most places are currently selling it for....also, it removes about 10 lbs of weight from the rear of the car...amazingly the rear muffler doesn't weight much...

I like the center exit aspect of it as well....
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