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Best shocks performance wise

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Aftermarket shocks

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I'm looking to go with upgraded shocks. I think I'm going to go with NF's with these and I need the best shocks for the amount of money they cost. I am also getting front and rear hotchkis sways and a dc strut bar. And I'm on 18's. Let me know what you guys think.
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how much of an improvement are the tokicos compared to the stock?
Do you think that the trd shocks are worth the extra cash. Will they even stiffer than the tokicos?
Alright sounds good enough to me to get the tokicos. Thanks for the help.
I've only heard good things from koni so I would definately buy a set from them. How would you go about finding which shocks are the same?
I think that its recomended that you do but you dont have to.
1 - 7 of 17 Posts
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