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So there I was driving to work earlier this week. With the temp about -20, there was a ton of 'black ice' and over 200 accidents reported by MN-DOT or the State Patrol that morning. Anyway, I'm on I-94 as it passes through downtown St Paul, on a gentle downhill left hand curve. The teal Chevy Caviler in front of me starts going sideways, I was at a safe following distance, but that was quickly changing. I brake and start to slide too, but no fishtailing. The Chevy goes nose first into the concrete medium, bounces back and t-bones an s-10. Another car clips the s-10 as it is trying to evade the carnage. Fiberglass and car parts are flying everywhere. It looked like NASCAR with cars darting left and right trying to get out of the way and I got nowhere to go with a concrete wall to my left, the busted Cav in front of me and the s-10 and more traffic to my right. The truck behind me misses me by sliding to a stop (and passing me) on the shoulder between me and the barrier. So grit my teeth, keep the foot on the anti-locks, and look for some daylight. I come to a stop about 6 feet from become a part of it.

The xB and me live to drive another day.
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