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Howzit everybody, just brought home our newest addition to our ohana, a brand new 2012 scion xb. Already tinted w/5% tints. Upgraded to 10k H.I.D.s. Shopping for JL subs and new shoes(wanna do 20's).
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Mahalo for the warm welcome.
I'm actually from the big island, love it there...
welcome to the sit man.

IMO 20s are too much on the xB, 18s are great.
Wat about 19's?
tho' 19s & 20s look good and fill up the wheel wells. they are not good for the xB suspension components. hub bearings, cv joints, control arms, shock bolts, etc. i agree, imo 18s would be the max for a daily driven xB, if you prefer ride comfort.
I kno wat u mean, I put 22's on my Tahoe instead of 24's for the same reasons. Still...jus so hard to say no to
1 - 5 of 11 Posts
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