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Hey guys,

I don't really know a lot about sound systems, but I did want to get something to round out my sound and maybe give my B some bass. I just sold my old cell phone to BestBuy so I ended up getting a gift card and decided to pick up a box and sub. I ended up getting a sealed box and a 10" polk audio dxi 104 sub, which is a single voice coil 4 ohm sub. It says it handles up to 540 watts max, and 270 rms. I know I need to be looking at RMS, and that I need to find a amp to go with it. Thing is I don't know what brands are good, and what models I should look for. If anyone can give me some tips and advice as to finding a good amp (not too expensive, this a "budget build") I would really appreciate it.


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I had very cheap brand amp from walmart. And since im not an expert of sound system - the quality of bass felt the same as $10000000 worth amp :) Since you are doing a cheap budget project i would say go for a cheap one. But this is my opinion. Im personally using 10years old amp that i found in my friends garage-> which is cheaper than free :)
Let us know what u r gonna get and how its gonna sound for ya :cheers:

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Well, there is cheap crap and cheap bargains. Just get a cheap bargain and not cheap crap. Cheap crap won't last or will have reasons it is so cheap. I try to avoid cheap crap . . .
Cheap bargains are older models or simpler versions of nicer models with less features. Look for those.

(Not knowledgeable on audio-equipment, I'll let other members suggest the best amps for the money. The ONLY amp I have bought came built-into my "Bazooka box" sub unit.)

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There are MANY good brands. I probably couldn't even give you a list of the audiophile names. Having said that, since you are on a budget I would echo what TJ said. try to find a good name for cheap. I have heard good things about JL Audo, and Alpine amps. I have Polk Audio in my xB. I think you get a lot for your money from them. I am no audio expert, but these are a few places I usually look online:

CowBoom - division of BestBuy (closeouts, store demos, returns etc.)
Car Audio Stereo - Car Subwoofers - Car Amplifiers and Speakers

I have always found the customer service from Crutchfield to be outstanding. Call them or go to their website and chat with an advisor. Tell them what you are looking for and see what they recommend. They (like most everyone right now) are having big sales. Even if you don't buy from Crutchfield, they can help lead you toward the right equipment for you.

I woul

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I personally like visonik, if you want cheap and fairly good quality look at visonik. The ratings they give are a bit over what they actually put out so don't be scared to go a little over your rms. They have a 1000 watt amp that could work great for yours for about 60-100$.

I really like subs and amps and decks and have installed many and constantly change my own. In currently using a visonik amp (as soon as my subs and amp wiring kit comes in that I ordered) but I love it.

Your right about looking at rms, max really doesn't matter all that much, and since your sub is a single 4 ohm driver look at rms ratings for 4 ohms(usually half of 2 ohms if the amp does not say) as that's the only way you will be able to wire it as.

Also when looking at power ratings look for "CEA COMPLIANT". This means that it actually puts out the power it says it does as lots of lower brands such as boss and stuff says 2000 watt amp but not cea compliant so in actuality it may only put out like 400 watts as it doesn't pass the cea standards.

You can find a lot of decent price good quality audio gear if you know what to look for.
Good luck!
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