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Amp locations

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Just curious to know where some of you are mounting your amps? I'd like to find a small enough amp to mount under my driver seat but Im not finding any small amps that will support 600 watts @ 4ohms.. I have debated removing the rear seat but I cant find any pictures or what the space is between the shelf below the rear seat and floor. thanks for any input.
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what amp did you run? thinking of an alpine amp has some cheap half decent stuff. Just gotta make sure you search cea compliant amps other wise you get some garbage. Mine is under my rear seat but I didn't mind having to trim the back of the plastic tray under there to get it in there
hey man thanks just bought an amp on there. Looking for a cheap box now till I find time to do some fiberglass again.
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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