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An Xb Pickup May Be A Possibility

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My buddy at Toyota Corporate in California tells me that an xB pickup is a real possibility if there is enough interest. I would buy one in a heartbeat (and be a two xB owner). Toyota is looking for a new entry level pickup because the Tacoma has gotten so big that it no longer fills the bill for that market segment. The xB gives them a platform to work from rather than starting from scratch. I don't have an e-mail contact, but drop Toyota a snail mail note encouraging them to pursue this project at:

19001 S. Western Ave,
D102 PO Box 2742
Torrance, Ca 90509-2742

Tell your friends on other forums to do the same. Let's make this happen.
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xb2_drew said:
You can try this link to sending Toyota Corp in California an email:

Just select vehicle under the first topic and future models under sub-topic.
Excellent, thanks.
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