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Announcing my next major mod plans.

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Announcing my most Radical concept idea for my XB.
I hope to begin working on this some time in the near future. stay tuned.

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Really thinking on going with a LS, but the 2JZ pop up in my head to. I'll have to see which would be a better option for me. I'll keep you posted on what I decide. Just wanted to share my ideas with my XB ohana.
Somehow, I saw this coming . . .
I like it!

Gonna be LOTS of work, all the way down the underpan of the B.
LOL, you and I have had some sort of connection is seems, so I to not surprised you knew something like his was gonna come. How yo been TartanJack? I'll have to make way for the transmission, drive shaft, stuff like that. not sure the besat way to go about this yet, though I have some ideas on how i want to do this.

Chance12XB, I no really gonna make it fast, just wanna do this for looks really eh. But your right about the 2JZ. both engines can go fast. looks wise, v8's just have the typical look I was going for yea. :cheers:
I can agree with that. The 2jz is a gorgeous engine, but being a straight six the header would only come out one side, where as the LS would have a symmetrical hot rod lay out... its a tough choice indeed but I'm sure whatever you pick HP will come out awesome. Finally got to see your ride rolling yesterday in town and I have to say that it looks even sicker in person than it does in pics!
Oh bra!! you did? where you saw me at? I would love to meet you finally in person! if can flag me down, in fact, here's my number 210-412-8047 Kalani.
Glad you like it. I think in person it looks better to me also. I cant stand seeing pics of it unless its the full side view lol. \m/
1 - 4 of 14 Posts
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