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annoying tick/rattle in front on bumps...

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Right front, lower windshield/dash area. Possibly wiper cowl...

Everytime the front suspension is jarred enough. Road cracks and such. There is an annoying little click sound from this area. Can't seem to narrow it down or find the source while poking around at a stop.

2012, never been apart. Been there since about 1k miles.

Just checking if anyone else has experienced this.
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If you do a search on "A" pillar noise you will see that most people have this noise. You can put some foam under the cowling to reduce the noise. Happens mostly when the temps get cold.
i noticed a clicking on my 11 that seemed to come from the windshield seal, but once i tore the interior apart and put it back together it is gone. now i hear the wires rattle every so often :/
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