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Annual Sparks Scion $1,500.00 Gift Certificate Giveaway!!

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It's that time again. Sparks Toyota/Scion will be giving away a total of $1,500.00 in Sparks Toyta/Scion Gift Certificates that can be redeemed for merchandise on the Sparks website ( ) There will be 10 $100.00, 1 $200.00, and 1 $300.00 Sparks Gift Certificates given away.

You can sign up once a day beginning now!! Sign Up Here The drawings will begin on 11/10 and continue through 11/30. Entries are limited to one per day throughout the month of November and the drawings will take place at random times during the last 20 days of November.

Sign Up Here Please sign up once a day everyday!!

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Link doesn't work.
Link is fixed everyone! Sorry about that!

!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wow.. thanks Sparks!!!! Even when I don't win, 'cause let's face it, I never win :)
Awesome! I'm about to buy all the trd parts (minus the shocks/springs) so I hope I can win and save a little money for more mods!
Keep 'em coming and thanks everyone!

We have our first set of $100 GC winners:

Nicole from CA
Sidney from AZ
Renee from VA

Congrats to the first winners and there is more to come!
Congrats! :D

Anyone from this forum?
I don't think any of them are on this website unfortunately. Congrats is in order and there are more to come!
3 more winners:

Mel from TX $100.00
Ron from AR $200.00
Kris from KS $100.00

Congratulations to those 3 and there are more to come soon! Thank you everyone that has entered!

We still have $800.00 to give away and those drawings will be held on the 23rd and 30th of November. One $300.00 winner is still to be drawn. :yes:

We have 4 new winners this week:

Thomas from NY $100
Song from FL $100
Rich from IL $100
Jude from CA $100

Congrats to this weeks winners. There is still a $300 GC to give away next week.
None from SC or NC . . .

I just we're just SOL.
Yay one from the west coast ha.
Proved you wrong there Tartan.

Here are the last 2 winners:

John from CA won $100

Charles from NC won $300

Congratulations to all the winners and thank you all for entering in. We will be doing this again!
Ah, bummer... Congrats to all the winners! And thank you Ken for the giveaway! :D
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