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Another new guy

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Hello everyone,

My wife and just purchased (leased) two 2012 Xb's three weeks ago. I got a black one with really no extra options and my wife got the RS 9.0 which I originally wanted but once we test drove it she made it clear that she wanted that one.

I am probably going to buy mine out at the end of the lease so I have a lot of plans for mine. While the wife's will probably just get some springs and wheels and sound system upgrade.

I'm a full time truck driver, and part time photographer due to the economy right now and my wife is a cosmetologist. I plan on making my xB my new hobby as modifying diesel pickup's was my last automotive hobby and just got too expensive.

Look forward to learning a lot from the members here and even meeting some from the PA, NJ area.
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Cool Beans! Another xB (Scion) addict. I just bought two since March as well..... Mine are Super White(mine) and Sizzling Crimson Mica(wife's). It's kind of addictive. I keep thinking how it would be cool to have another one to just play with and show.... LOL :clown:
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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