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Another project

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I still am thinking about those pesky backup lights.The small LED modules from Oznium are just taped (on for now) on the tail lite lenes.I want to see how much light they put out.I'm going to take a night and try to send it.But after reading of the spots and floods that Oznium has got me thinking.How 'bout placing them on each side of the rear tag? Maybe mounting them on a piece of Plexiglass?That way the color of the xB will show thru the plastic and can be attached under the tag using the same screws that are for the tag.The wires can run under the plastic to a point hidden by the licence plate.The only challange will be running wires from the b/u lite thru the rear hatch. Those particular spots and floods, 2 on each side , put out a total of 325 lumens.Almost as much as the OEM lite(465).I will keep everyone posted as to my progress.
I will confess,I'm pragmatic one of my faults, and will not let something go to the point of exhaustion.
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