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Antenna adapter for aftermarket radio

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somebody know where can i find the adapter for the antenna , from factory to aftermarket? Or the part number from Metra o any other brand.Thanks
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It would be helpful to know what year your car is, as the stock head units and their plugs have changed over the years. A picture would also help.

I did a search on for parts for a 2013 and 2011 Scion xB, no antenna parts. A search on Amazon for Toyota Antenna Adaptor found an antenna adaptor for a 2003 Toyota Matrix but no one in the reviews mentioned any Scions. A search on Metra for a 2003 Toyota Matrix with basic audio gives multiple antenna adaptors (40-GM10, 40-GM12, 40-GM20). Not sure which one you need, as I have decided to stay with the OEM head unit. Good luck.
MyXb is 2012, and i just went from aha gps radio to Pioneer AVIC 700 NEX , this unit comes with the regular antena plug, my car has a square one, got one from ebay for toyota -lexus is different, i checked online and the one for hyundai looks similar but indon't want to take the risk, thanks brickpig
Here is a pic of the old radio, so you have an idea how the connector looks, you see that gray square on the lower rigth side of the unit that the antenna plug, pretty much i need that one with a regular antenna plug on the other side


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