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Any mods this weekend????

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I got my wheels back and i need to paint the rivets red today and install them. I also bought caliper paint and night shades. **** i will be busy today ,Angel game tomorrow. more like beer and hotdog fest !
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I have been working 3 weeks straight without a day off. No time for mods but I have enough to do when I have time.

Oznium 9.5 Flex Strips (4) under seats
Illuminated Door Sills
XM Kit for the SNS-200
Working on a deal for more Digital Designs car audio equipment!!!

thats alot to do !
yeah i hear that, i dont want to do the calipers right now.
looks good might have to get those but dunno, what brand are those
ok come on sun bake!


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bought xtra set of of rivets in case i dont like the red
thanks ! i started to put rivet in to soon. got excited, oops . wait for a few days so it cures
been waiting for you, you better had dropped that thang ! looks good mang. ohhhhhhhh tinted turn signals, did you just mask or take out?
1 - 9 of 42 Posts
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