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any one know where I can buy some black calipers?

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Im looking for a set of black calipers for my xB. I know I can paint mine, but I'd like a set that I can put on once I get my rims and lowering springs installed this spring. I also know I can buy a spare set and then paint them, but I'd rather find a set that come black, much like the TRDs come red. I've looked around and really cant find them, any help would be great.
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i agree with xseveredveganx i have painted calipers
plenty of times and the stuff sticks on the caliper with no chips
any auto parts store will carry it for under 25 dollars :D

does trd make any rear calipers i have never seen them for 2nd gen xb
wow those look great but a little price for me right now ...may be next x-mas? ;)
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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