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Any xb2 running work meisters sp1 ?

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If so could you post some pics thanks....
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Sorry it's called work meister S1 interested in the full polish..... Here's the link of how it looks Work Wheels :: Products :: S1 2P
Now check I had to edit
Those are sexy! but i know work wheels are $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ then you gotta buy tires!
polish hard to keep clean, but if ur in hawaii might be better than chromie homie. white looked sick, hmmmm . if i had a ****** ! id be on it. they look good. havenet seen anyone here yet with them. maybe they will show up
Wheels are pricey but I could get it at cost price through my friend...

Keeping the wheels maintained won't be a problem for me I'm always wiping my cars down every morning lol....white looks good but I already have the white and silver theme going on with my 2000 civic hatch lol
ok ok i am sure will look sweet anyways. polished looks great when maintained. lots of work but worth it
They will look great......I was looking at the Varianza V5S but too much mulla for my 16 yr old's xB2. :eek: His first car, so instead he is riding on 19" TSW Jaramas.

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Varianza V5S black with polish with low offset would just set it off expecially with the color DO IT!
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