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Hid is one of the items on my list so to speak. The more I look the less that i feel I understand.

One company says they are digital and they use less ampreage including startup than your headlights so they are simple to plug in and set up.

The next says they use higher amps at startup and then the load decreases to less than your normal lights so they run cooler and use less power to operate.

One says that you should use thier better system since it uses a relay and does not burn out your switches and wiring with the added load.

Most say that they have a warranty for a year on the bulbs so they expect them to last slightly longer or more. The regular bulbs are good for a total of 4 years and the new regular bright ( silverstar) lights say they are good for 1 yr plus.

I guess the basic question to be answered is who has what and would they buy that type again.BTW: I would go for the basic white light so it looks stock only brighter.
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