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Anyone has xb with supercharger? :)

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Well, I'm considering to buy 08xb with TRD super charger has 20k miles.
How's the mpg's like and does it require super unleded ?
I'm little worried since i never had a car with an aftermarket super charger...
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The TRD one had some problems w/ bearings.
Ask Jamie @ Sparks. He had one of those and knows a lot about them.

For a similar initial cost (new), I'd look into several of the turbos out there. World and Chris Rado make a nice one (carried by World and SparksTRD).
Thanks for the reply.
Guess more consideration woud be better since it has bearing problems..
Thought it would be OK cause the manufacturer is TRD..
Me too.
TRD dropped them suddenly and completely when the problems became evident. The ad campaign for them was just cranking up too.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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