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I don't hate it but it could have better looks and a little more movement. I do like the feedback and resistance feeling to the wheel.

...but I hate the rough, sun-dried-snake FEEL of the thing. Will be glad when 5 yrs have passed and it is worn smooth.

  • I noticed this difference right away when test driving also but I actually really like the feel since it's easy to grip, though it's definitely anti-luxury like in that respect. The option steering wheel does look nicer. But it would surely wear out quicker also.
  • Mine does telescope but it would be nice if it telescoped out just a little more.
  • It doesn't tilt down very much at all. This is a problem with telescoping because as you pull it out more, it goes higher. In the past I have been used to having my steering wheels a little closer to the vertical plane and a little closer to me and slightly lower and this was actually the biggest comfort negative for me in the car. I've adjusted the seat to sit more forward than I usually do to help a bit and I'm pretty much used to it now. I guess I have longer legs and arms than most maybe.
I guess that's the exact opposite of juddsandage :) I prefer vertical and low and he says flat and high.

The wheel position of "3 and 9" is the new correct position. Because of the air bag, if you hold the wheel the old position of "10 and 2" and it goes off, it could break your thumbs.
You can't hold it "3 and 9" technically. It's pretty much 10 and 2.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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