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A couple of important notes:

  • Slotted rotors will do absolutely nothing for you. This goes doubly for drilled or drilled and slotted.
  • Stick with a decent quality ceramic or ceramic hybrid (OE is good quality ceramic) brake pads.

If you're going to be replacing the rotors and pads, I very highly recommend upgrading to TC2 brakes at the same time. Bigger rotors, calipers, and pads, but they still fit under the stock 16" wheels. You can find a little more on the upgrade here. Here's exactly what I would get:

  • ($119.00) TC2 almost new OEM calipers with lines and pads; ~1.5k miles on them LINK
  • ($25.79 + shipping each) TC2 Raysbestos blank front rotors for LINK

I mean if you look at what you're getting for the cost... somewhere in the ballpark of $180-185 versus nearly the same for crappy slotted rotors and magic dust filled brake pads.
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