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So I've installed a pair of headrest monitors that hook unto my factory nav/DVD. They work great. However, when I have it on a different source (other than DVD or Video In) the displays just show "Video 1" (because the headrests can have 2 video inputs.

Does anyone know of a device that would take RCA audio from the Nav headunit and output to RCA video that would display some kind of visualization of the audio (like an EQ grid or wave visualizations like exists on WinAmp/Media Player)? I was thinking I could hook up the Video2 headrest inputs up to that unit and keep the headrests on that input unless I'm playing a DVD (at which time I can just click the input button on the monitor to show Video1).

Am I looking at a device that may exist? Or am I looking at almost a computer that would need to be used? (if it's that complex I may bag the whole idea).

Any thoughts/suggestions/links would be appreciated.


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