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I go to the local car wash and will sometimes run through the automatic wash and use the touchless option. But for the most part I just pull into a bay and spray it off really good. The guy who owns the wash showed me the bay he adjusted for his friends who detail cars so the sprayer works much better then any other bay there. SO I use the bay and get a little soap on my MF mitt and wash the hot spots and then pull it out and dry it. He also told me I could use my mitt and he wouldn't mind, as long as I am not backing up people who are waiting. As is everyone else I am deafly afraid of swirl marks and do have some on the car. I think they were an option the dealer gave me even though I didn't ask for them.....LOL So they are DISM (Dealer installed swirl marks). Living in an apartment I don't have the ability to wash my car by hand at this point. So the local car wash is a life saver for the water usage. But those brushes don't touch my car.

OK that was a wordy reply.....LOL
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