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I'm making this thread in hopes it will help others. I've spent a lot of time getting my PPC6700 (HTC Apache or XV6700) to play audio or use the hands free phone over the AVIC-D3 via the BTB-200 BT module. Pioneer doesn't support PPC based BT, but IT WILL WORK if you do two things...

Download and install JETware Hands-free Extension for Windows Mobile phones.

That step will make the AVIC-D3 finally see and pair with your phone correctly.

The following is only needed if you want to stream audio via BT, too.

Open up your registry editor and drill down to the following section...


Change the DWORD value of BitPool to a lower number. I use 21. Default is 30. Higher value = better Audio quality. Higher values will also pop/skip or flat out not work. So you may have to do some trial and error to find the correct value for your PPC device.

This should only take minutes to get it up and running. It sure beats buying an Ipod or burning CDs in order to listen to my own mp3s. I also recommend using S2P instead of the crappy MS Media Player.

S2U2 (Slide 2 unlock, vers. 2) is another nice iPhone wanna-be application and works great with S2P.

So there you go, now your only problem should be purchasing a larger Mini-SD card for your music collection! :D
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