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Awd brz

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A friend of mine working at the Port of Montreal just unloaded an AWD BRZ !!
I thought he was joking and he sent me this service note "PLEASE NOTE: Unit D1601372 is a new 2013 future model which is VERY low to the ground and Symmetrical AWD. Caution MUST be used when loading and off-loading to avoid under-carriage and bumper damages."

Papers say it has a sell value of 34K $

I'll try to get pics soon!
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I thought they werent allowed to make an AWD version of the BRZ because scion and toyota arent offering one? weird.

Id rather RWD though, way more fun!
AWD doesn't allow one to "kick-out" the rear and to tighten mid-corner like one would in an RWD.
I just got my Miata going again after a most of the year just sittin. (I forgot to put the plate sticker on, then lost it. I renewed and then cleaned up everything and changed the oil, just to be safe.) It's RWD and I'd forgotten just how different front drive is from rear.

Each has its own pros and cons.

Honestly, I see the B and FR-S as more different than alike. They serve 2 different, but HIGHLY complimentary purposes. I couldn't use an FR-S to replace the B mainly b/c having the kids makes the FR-S too impractical to use for what I need the B for.

A B and an FR-S are a great compliment for one another, though.
AWD and RWD both serve their purposes. I like the RWD for aggressive driving. AWD does great for that as well, but having driven a Mustang for years, I prefer RWD.
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