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back door speakers

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OK, who has had these out? What are they made of? What size is needed to replace them? Any tips on removal and replacement.
Seems to me they are 'muddy' sounding and I'd like something a bit more crisp sounding in the back seat area.
Ideas ??
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The rear door speakers are cheap paper-cone 5.25"s.

Because you need a mounting plate, which keeps the speakers away from the door a little, you can put in 6.5"s.

It's pretty straight-forward to replace them. If I remember correctly, pop the D-shaped cover off the door handle to reveal a screw. There is another where you grab the door to close it. Then the whole inside just pops off. Pay attention to the cables for the lock and latch.

The speakers are held in with pop rivets. Just drill them out. Make or buy a mounting bracket and put in your new speakers.

Here is a link to a diy for the front speakers. The rears are identical except the hole in the door is a little smaller.

A few extra things I did:
1) I made my speaker adapter plate out of mdf because it is easier to work with and I had some scraps laying around.

2) I also put several coats of paint on the adapter plates. Water will get in the door and you don't want it to ruin your hard work.

3) I also had some scraps of fun foam from a craft store. It's almost like a sheet of gasket material. I put a ring of that between the door and the mdf. (The speaker already had a gasket to go between it and the mdf.) Sound deadener would be better, but I'm too cheap. (I will probably do some eventually though.)
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So my buddy changed out his rear speakers for some pioneer 5" ones. He said it still sounds like shite. Is there some kind of crossover/EQ on them? I dont wanna spend the time changing them out if it's still gonna sound poo. Ideas?
Smaller speakers = less sound for the most part. I'm sure they sound better than the paper stock speakers. It also depend on what Pioneers he used. I've heard some good and some really bad Pioneer stuff. I remember TartanJack bought and installed some Pioneer speakers and I think he didn't like them either and took them out.

I put in a set of 6.5" Alpine coax in the rear doors and I'm happy with the sound. They aren't components, but they were less than $50 on eBay and well worth the money.
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