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back door speakers

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OK, who has had these out? What are they made of? What size is needed to replace them? Any tips on removal and replacement.
Seems to me they are 'muddy' sounding and I'd like something a bit more crisp sounding in the back seat area.
Ideas ??
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So my buddy changed out his rear speakers for some pioneer 5" ones. He said it still sounds like shite. Is there some kind of crossover/EQ on them? I dont wanna spend the time changing them out if it's still gonna sound poo. Ideas?
So I changed out mine for 6.5" 2 ways and they still sound poo. It has something to do with the car type settings. Unfortunately I like the xb setting front sound and the iq rear sound. I wish it was possible to clear these settings totally, so that it sends the same signal to both front and rear, but from my internet research I've found nothing to suggest its possible. Looks like a new headunit might be on the cards.

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I replaced my rear speakers with a set of 6.5 Alpine 2 way speakers, and they still sounded very quiet as well. There was an increase in sound "quality" but not enough to warrant the $100 I paid for the speaker set. I was told the only way to get a solid sound out of the rear speakers was to add an amp. That's just my experience.

Yeah I'm thinking of getting the alpine KTP-455U eventually.

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