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back door speakers

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OK, who has had these out? What are they made of? What size is needed to replace them? Any tips on removal and replacement.
Seems to me they are 'muddy' sounding and I'd like something a bit more crisp sounding in the back seat area.
Ideas ??
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So my buddy changed out his rear speakers for some pioneer 5" ones. He said it still sounds like shite. Is there some kind of crossover/EQ on them? I dont wanna spend the time changing them out if it's still gonna sound poo. Ideas?

if he has a 2gen xb why would he go smaller all around they are 6.5". when i had my 1gen xb i put 5.25" components in the rear and had a amp on them and the 6.5 components were way stronger still, so i dont see why he would go smaller.

anything better then the paper speakers will sound better. you would also have to tune your audio to your feel.

i have a 6 year old kenwood excelon 7" headunit i still use it even if it works when it wants to but it has a badass EQ with many setting to tune my highs and bass and i am on stock speakers on my doors.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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