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Back up lights

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Didn't really know where to put this. Didn't consider it a mod.

Has anyone tried to make regular back up lights with the tail light. You know like american made. or even like the 1stgen.?
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Eviljack, Do you suppose that is $330. for one or the pair?

BTW, Congrats. on your wedding.
Well, yea, dude, LOL, Didn't you ask your dealer what that was when you looked at it. And they say men know all about cars. Just messin.

Husband says its pretty bright. Never saw it myself, people just don't seem to recognize when I back out of spots. And that is important to me. ya know.
$500. for one and they have to put a hole in the bumper, that's a little scary. Or........$330 for both and husband can probably take care of that.
But thanks for the info. :)
eviljack said:
The simpilest solution for this is Rumion tail lights. They have the back up light in the regular housing. They are factory so they fit perfectly. Only thing you have to do is run the power wire for the back up light in the bumper to the ones in the tail lights.

Here is a link for ease of finding.
Thanks evil, now I jsut have to wait to see what's happening with the 09 rs. Husband doesn't want the change the 08 rs if it is to be his car. Did put the link in fav.
Yea, I don't drive backwards most of the time either, but when backing out of a parking spot want people to know that I am coming out. Ya Know.?

What kills me is most of the time I park away where no one is. I come out of the store and I'm surrounded. Guess people just want to take a look at the nugget. LOL

evil, yes, you're right, took another look at the link, its for the set. My husband was wanting some european lights for his truck and they cost $300 per. Now that's expensive and he's still waiting.
1 - 6 of 16 Posts
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