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Wasup everyone! Patricia (Hellen4Wheels) told me about the site also and finally remembered it long enough to sign up for it. Seems like I'm a old member since I've seen most of the screennames on other car websites like Scikotics and Scionlife. But this seems like a cool site for us xB2 owners! Can't wait to cause trouble on here.

A recent pic taken from over the weekend.

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Oh, and I'm a HUGE Batman fan. I got very, very, very close to making mine a Joker-themed xB-> namely an Arkham Asylum vehicle that Joker stole and then "customized." It would have taken 2 layers of graphics- the "original" Arkham set, then the Joker modifications to it (and is VERY specific, down to the vehicle ID numbers). It's still in my head and would LOVE to see someone actually do it. (If anyone is seriously interested, PM me!)
My own xB has taken on a 'life of its own" that isn't anything I had original planned and seems to defy my plans . . . kinda odd, actually . . .
I've seen her B. I hope she's OK. Good to hear it wasn't totaled and is going to be fixed up.
I would just have done it differently and more close to what would and has been done in the comics. But, the more Joker vehicles, the better . . .

Oh, and Alan Youngblood's famous/infamous "the Joker" Jeep is only a mile from me.
If this the the home of the xB2 cult . . . :eek:
Does that make Phobic/[email protected], Bob, and myself "cult leaders" . . . :eek:

I see the wild one made it here. Yes, I was starting an xB2 cult, but now you've spoiled it. Darn! Welcome anyway.
Or is Hellen4wheels/Patricia the cult leader?
1 - 5 of 22 Posts
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