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A bunch of XB sub/subplug questions

millman said:
nope, it's not a plug-n-play :confused:. oh well, looks like i'll just splice into the stock harness. oh BTW, the wiring behind the radio are the smallest gage that I've ever seen!! so I'm gonna run a new power wire to the battery. thank you for the help.
I am planning on doing the same thing with my 08 xb. I am eager to see how this goes for you.
It seems as though the subplug is now unavailable. The norcalscion site has been down since I got my car.

I would love to get line level audio rather then speaker level audio out of the stock stereo.

Are their any other subplug options? Does pioneer use this stereo in any other cars?
Are there any used subplugs floating around?


Do the existing subplugs put out LFE, or full frequency. If they put out LFE, does it cut the lows to the other speakers??

I'm not looking to THUMP I just want the existing stereo to sound bit better.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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