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JL stealth box cost a lot. I'm on a 300$ below budget. What Bazooka the oem side mount for xB's 07 up or the tube? Does it sound good?
I've got the side mount and it was the best $169 I have spent on Ebay. Takes about 3-4hrs to install, connects right to the stock harness and great performance for the price. You gotta remove rear seat so the rear side panel can be removed then you run the harness from rear to front. It's not the bass that will be heard a mile before you see the car but it will vibrate your rearview mirror. I bought from bazooka certified auctions from Ebay for $169 shipped. It was on sale but did not come with installation instruction. I was able to put the model# of the bazooka on Google and got a pdf of installation instructions from Bazooka's website.
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