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what color should i get my new scion xb

  • black

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  • blackberry crush

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Best Scion XB Color

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i first wanted black, however, after reading up on how hard it is to take care of, white and black berry crush come to mind. i want something cool for a guy, college student....the old blue color looks sweet...however, it shouldn't be too much of a pain to take care of, i'm expecting to wash it once a week. does anyone have any advice with these colors on their scions and how the maintenance is?
thanks for the help.
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Go with YOUR first choice. Each has their pros and cons and people like them for their own style, taste, and associations.
(I have mentioned some of my color associations previously and risen the ire of other posters.)

Blackberry Crush is one that people either tend to really love or not like much. I've heard very few neutral opinions on it.
(It just looks too brown to me-> they had one one the lot as their demo and I drove it and looked at the color in several lighting conditions. The purple just barely showed for me. I liked Silver more.)

Black Pearl was my second choice for the 09s. I got silver and the main "flip" between them was the washing issue and propensity to show/hide dirt and chips. I live in rural South Carolina, where there are many dirt and gravel roads still and some old roads (that are remote, but I still use) that haven't been paved in decades and are degrading. So, It is likely to get very dirty and have numerous "strikes" by small rocks.
-> I have already replaced my xB's windshield and have several chips/small gouges on the front-> in 6 weeks and 3,600 miles, and my Miata has had several windshield replacements in the last decade.

White is hard to find on the road, but (I've been told) is popular for body wraps. tt does have the advantange of hiding dirt, dents, and much else.
-> That was my third choice for 09s.

IF the Nautical Blues are still available, I'd look into them. It was my first choice overall, but just couldn't convince myself to get an 08 when the early 09s were available. Blue was tied with Silver as my favorite for me.

So, between Black Sand Pearl, White, and Blackberry Crush, I'd go with your first choice.
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