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Best Short Ram??

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Im looking to buy a Short Ram intake... not sure though on what to get. All i know about is K&N, but want to get some input on different brand... any help would be great! Thank you!
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I just got the K&N Typhoon short ram. I like it. You could get a cheap one off ebay but I know K&N is trusted very well and respected. No regrets on my end. It usually goes for $321 at autozone and places like that. I got mine off amazon for $241 with free shipping!
Through many recommendations, I got the Weapon R Secret Weapon Intake and love it! I haven't had any others, so I can't compare between them. It doesn't come with the heat sheild, I added that.

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Are there any advantages in using a short intake over a true CAI??
Cold Air Intakes will give you better performance since they are pulling cold air from outside the engine bay, but the filter is usually harder to get to for maintenance and there is a better chance to suck in water through your intake. Short Ram is easier to install, cheaper, and very easy to maintain the filter, but it does suck in warmer/hotter air from the engine bay.
Xsalvationx can you post a pic of yours please?...
that weapon R looks nice!
Is that a shield on the weapon R? Does it come with that? And does the KN come with the shield?
The K&N came with a heat shield. I'm not sure how to upload pictures on here. I posted it on the K&N Facebook page though if you check it out. I left some comment like "Intake in my Scion XB."
On the message box you can upload photos. Its the second from the right. Can't find the kn facebook pic.
The Weapon R does not come with a heat sheild
I like that! now to decide which one to get!
short ram is more low end and the cold air you will still feel some low end but more top end as well.
Yea I know there are cheap ones on ebay. When it comes to putting car parts into my car, I don't trust using cheap parts. K&N are very trusted and respected and widely known. I got mine on Amazon for $241 with free shipping. Hurry and get it off amazon!
So you make up your mind yet?
So I was thinking for a while I was gonna get a new intake, but it's kinda moved down on my "to-get" list of mods. There's just so much stuff we can do to these cars... It's amazing.
think im getting the K&N... just looked at the Weapon R, but i know of K&N and can get filters from pep boys and autozone, dont have to go online! so yea i think K&N
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