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I worked at a chevrolet dealership for 6 years. 1 of the biggest injector clockers was caused from arco fuels ( known as BP on the east coast) so I would strongly suggest avoiding that company all together. I have also felt very strongly about using chevron with techron but you are paying for clever marketing with cool looking cars that animate. The bottom line is that gasoline is gasoline is gasoline and that these companies put their own additives and detergent in the fuel. The biggest issue is carbon buildup on your valve and pistons. The best thing you can do to help keep your engine clean is to drive your car up a somewhat steep grade and really open it up. The colder fuel will cause the car been to break off and burn. Also as 1 poster mentioned using the tech crunch additive once in awhile will only help.

But the best thing you can do is run higher octane, avoid arco or BP, Open it up under heavy load And make sure you have good gap between your spark plugs to ensure that all of that fuel is burning. Because unless each 1 of you is taking the heads up and looking at the valves and pistons, You won't really ever know.
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