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This guy sold me a set of wheels thru NSxB. Because of the price(should have known something wasn't right) I got suckered into paying. Luckily(i thought) thru PAYPAL. After 1 month of waiting thru his petty excuses of not getting the wheels shipped, I finally disputed & after 2 weeks escalated to a claim with PAYPAL. They actually ruled to my favor, unfortunately, they can't access this scammer's account which probably he closed already. Since i used my CC thru PAYPAL, i got partial refund but the funds debited from my PAYPAL account is "almost impossible" (according to PAYPAL guys) to recover & credited to me. So this warning goes out to everyone...

:detective: I have his personal info, if anyone's interested, just PM me...
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Oh well, maybe somehow i forced myself to think xB lovers can't do such a thing... :wallbash: Hmmm, i dunno what made me think that!
THANKS for the help Eric!!! I actually got back part of the cash since I paid thru CC. Unfortunately, the funds I had in the PAYPAL account was the amount unrecovered. I'm thinking PAYPAL could only recover it as long as the account is still active. He actually posted the pics of the wheels on the forum board & was communicating OK. I gave him the benefit of the doubt even though it was taking too long for him to ship since I understand the hassle of shipping wheels. SUCKS really but all's good, learned my lesson the hard way... Lucky I paid thru PAYPAL & not thru moneygram or western union as he suggested!
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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