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This guy sold me a set of wheels thru NSxB. Because of the price(should have known something wasn't right) I got suckered into paying. Luckily(i thought) thru PAYPAL. After 1 month of waiting thru his petty excuses of not getting the wheels shipped, I finally disputed & after 2 weeks escalated to a claim with PAYPAL. They actually ruled to my favor, unfortunately, they can't access this scammer's account which probably he closed already. Since i used my CC thru PAYPAL, i got partial refund but the funds debited from my PAYPAL account is "almost impossible" (according to PAYPAL guys) to recover & credited to me. So this warning goes out to everyone...

:detective: I have his personal info, if anyone's interested, just PM me...
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Again, I'm sorry I didn't see your PM until now & didn't see this topic until I went looking for the original topic posted by BABY_WHEEL_TECH. I'm also sorry this happened to you. I thought if you used a credit card through PayPal, it was easier to do a chargeback for the full amount. I checked for more info, but came up empty.

Anyhow, A good rule of thumb is to ask the person to take a pic of the item for sale w/ a sign w/ their NSxB username in front of it. Then, at least, you know they have the item.

(check my PM for more)
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