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Big Foot solutions ?

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Here in the burbs of Burrrrfalo winter boots, aka Sorel's in my size (13) is a bit of a proablem with the gas pedal, brake, console spacing. Went to dealer and asked, via cute service chick, who asked-someone in the back if the pedals are adjustable, like on some cars. Answer came back- no, pedals are not adjustable. Anyone encountered this and have viable solution before I use the"get a bigger hammer- pry bar" badda bing approach ?.
The console really tends to keep the right foot more to the left than in other vehicles.. Seems to me it needs increased spacing between accelarator and brake. Brake being main issue to move left. :dontgetit:
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i have a size 15 and hate driving in boots. i'll put my boots in the back and drive in regular shoes if it's really bad, but mostly i just adjust my foot position. don't force the pedals to move, you'll have to move them back in the spring. you could also try sliding the seat back for a better position.
Blk Box said:
Sasquatch :eek:, good to know there are many others ;) Yes winter boots in just about any size from maybe 10/11 and up have a wide span. 15's, You poor guy, not to many off the shelf stores for you. 12's/13's seem to be the upper limit. most places.
No fixes ?, this news is not promising. will have to revert to plan B, C, D, or what ever works. Even in regular shoes, sneakers,I find the brake pedal higher than the full off/up gas pedal and tend to bump it first before I get on the brake propertly.

I'll try Scion again or do some pedal modification that dosn't effect the linkage or proper pedal movement saftey wise.
I don't think that the current set up is safe and could lead to delayed braking or depressing both brake and gas at the same time.
Also vechicles following you are misled by inadvertent brake signals. And if they see gray hair then we get the senior mindset verbal abuse. I'm not a slow poke by any means, but I do drive a little more defensively now that I'm back on 2 wheels- more focus minded
shoe stores usually only have about 3 pairs of shoes in my size. i usually get my shoes online, which is somewhat of a gamble since i can't try the shoes on first. i have pretty narrow, but flat, feet, so it isn't really bad driving
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