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Big Foot solutions ?

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Here in the burbs of Burrrrfalo winter boots, aka Sorel's in my size (13) is a bit of a proablem with the gas pedal, brake, console spacing. Went to dealer and asked, via cute service chick, who asked-someone in the back if the pedals are adjustable, like on some cars. Answer came back- no, pedals are not adjustable. Anyone encountered this and have viable solution before I use the"get a bigger hammer- pry bar" badda bing approach ?.
The console really tends to keep the right foot more to the left than in other vehicles.. Seems to me it needs increased spacing between accelarator and brake. Brake being main issue to move left. :dontgetit:
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I am not cursed (or blessed) with sasquatch sized feet, but experience the same problem with winter boots. My solution last winter was to buy a pair of hiking boots that weren't as massive just for driving the xB, and trying to be very aware of "foot placement". Even so, with short term memory issues, the first time out this snow season I experienced some inadvertant braking while stepping on the clutch.

The pedal relationships are one of the few shortcomings of the xB that I would like to see refined.
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