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As of now, the tC has the following modifications:
  • TWM Short Shifter
  • TWM Weighted Sift Knob
  • Lightened Flywheel
  • TRD Lowering Springs
  • Rear Sway Bar
  • Honda S2000-Like Antenna
  • Dr. Isotopes Radiator Air Deflector
  • 50% Front Window Tinting, 35% Rear 3 Windows
  • GrillCraft 4 piece grill set
  • Halo, Projector Headlights
  • Speed Star Racing SP1 18x8.5 (front) 18x9.5 (rear)
  • BFG KDW2 Tires, 225/40 (front) and 245/40 (rear)
  • M3 Lip Spioler
  • tCover automatic radio door
  • 1200° Black Duplicolor painted heat-shield
  • 500° Red Duplicolor painted Valve Cover
  • Dr. Isotope Polished Aluminum Valve Cover Trim Plate

I seem to get the same questions often through PM, so here are some FAQ's

Q: What is and Where did you get your headlights
A: They are the Viniati Projector Head Lights w/ Angel Eyes.

Q: Are your headlights HID
A: The are just halogen H1 lamps, with an adapter to connect to the tC harness.

Q: What is, and Where did you get your grill
A: Its the full GrillCraft set made up of the lower 3-piece set and upper grill (no longer in stock?)

Q: Why do you have the wider wheels in back
A: There is no technical reason for the wider wheels/tires. Its purely for aesthetics.

Q: Do you rub in the back with 245s
A: a 245/30R19 shouldn't rub if you have a wheel with the right offset. Due to my back wheel being so wide (9.5") my offset is a few mm off, and if I take a corner hard when my car is loaded it rubs. However, I've done lots of spirited driving with just me in the car, and it does not rub.

Q: What kind of camera/lens do you have
A: I have a Nikon D50 camera, and two lenses. A 18-55mm f3.5-5.6G ED AF-S DX Zoom Nikkor kit lens and my favorite (that I used for most of these shots) a Nikkor AF 70-300mm lens. As well as some miscellaneous filters, tripods, monopods, etc.


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And a few more Pictures bringing us up-to-date with where the car is now. I'll start from the furthest back, my lip spoiler. Bad picture because its with an older camera, and the car is dirty but you get the idea.

Next, some pictures I just dug up from when the two bolts in my exhaust just fell out. Both within the same day. These pictures are exactly what it looked like when I put it up on jack stands. The car was so horribly loud when I drove into the dealership to get new bolts, I set off every car alarm in the line I drove next to.

And now, jump ahead like a year; the tCover automatic radio cover. Click here for a video of it. These two pictures were taken with my camera phone when my roommate was playing around, but there the only pictures I've got from the install:

Simple, yet elegant. My Maita Scion license plate frame was badly faded and looked bad, so I replaced it with a silver SCION one

Next, the cleaned up engine bay (pressure washer and simple green), with painted heat shield and valve cover. Again, picture quality sucks because I used my really really old point and shoot Coolpix 2100. I'll pull out the D50 at some point and get better pictures, but I just wanted to get something up for now.

And then just tonight, I finally got Dr. Isotopes [acronym="Valve Cover Trim Plate"]VCTP[/acronym] on (a year after buying it). Sorry for the camera phone pictures.


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Thanks :) although its not as obvious in person as the camera makes it out to be. The emblem is actually removed. What you are seeing is a reflection off the flat (un-textured) surface of the spot where the emblem was attached on the old grill.

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Cramz08XB said:
The Scion emblem behind the grille is just plain awesome!

i agree with you Cramz08XB!!

that was my first thought when i saw the grille...

Great work on your xB indemnity83!! your xB is lookin' Good man!!

i like the Q&A section - good info! and i love that auto-radio cover!! where did you get that?
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