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Black Clazzio Leather and Custom Rotors with Pads

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1. I have the Clazzio leather cover off my XB that I sold recently. They are in new condition. I sold it shortly after putting them in. I even ordered extra material to do the door panels, but never got around to it. That's going with the covers as well.

Clazzio leather seat covers plus extra material to do the door panels - Like new. Paid $450 + $15 for the extra material = $465 Box is big. ----> $385 shipped.

2. Cross-drilled and slotted disc brake rotors from That Rotor Shop with Centric Posi-Quiet brake pads. Excellent condition, only 1,500-2,500 miles on them - New were $280 total (the box is HEAVY) -----> $180 shipped.

NEW Wix cabin filter - buy any of the the other 2 things and I'll ship you the filter along with it.

I'm also selling the Sparco wheels that were on the car - Check out that thread here:

PM me if interested. -Danny
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might be interested in the rotors and pads... is this for all 4 rotors and pads or just fronts?
Hi Phobic. Long time no talk. It's for all 4. The pads have shims with CRC red brake goo to aid in keeping them quiet. They are matched and labeled so you know what pad goes with what rotor. That way you have zero embedding problems.
All still available... Let me know. Thanks
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