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OK, Lessee if the Webshots Embed link works... well, a lot of copy and paste later, here ya go:

2008 Nautical Blue 5-speed manual xB purchased November 20 2007. In one of these shots you might be able to see the driver side switch for the dealer installed heated seat. I also cut out a few pieces of berber indoor/outdoor carpeting for temporary mats.

All by his lonesome.

The evil buddy who dares take the Box's spot.

Parked in the driveway.

Nice shot of the passenger headlight assembly.

What I get to walk past evey time I get in the Scion. (well, for a few more weeks at least)

The hatch is open and the rear seats are down. Look at all that room!

My instrument cluster (and probably yours as well)

Went to work to get my paycheck on the day after I got it and took this shot. No, I don't have direct deposit and do not plan on ever getting it unless they make me.

And another interior shot.

After I left work I went to the bank. Laughed some, but not all the way :) Here I am parked in the lot outside the bank.

Another angle from the bank parking lot.

What everybody on the road behind me sees.

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