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Re: --bought it, got it, love it-- hypnotized by teal

AustinXB said:
[size=10pt]Thinkin' about gettin' one? Read this.

I've now had my new '08 hypnotic teal xb for two weeks - and love it! I spent a lot of time researching cars before finally making a decision. This is what it came down to for me....and comparisons to other vehicles:

1. as safe as a Volvo (low insurance too)
2. more cargo space than an Xterra
3. as quick as the new VW Rabbit
4. as much front and rear leg room as an Escalade
5. better gas mileage than a Subaru
6. lower cost than comparably equipped Mazda
7. resale value 2nd only to a Corvette
8. quirky-cool factor comparable to FJ Cruiser
9. more head room than a GMC Yukon (I'm 6' and have about 5-6" of head room to spare)
that is a great description of an xB! i love it!

enjoy your new xB! i know you will!! :D
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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