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Brady from Cleveland, TN

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Well I've got a black 08' xB with 19 inch A.S.A wheels..
This is the bodykit I have on my xB..

Glad to be a member of this forum!
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That was the body kit I was going to put on my car when I first got it. How do you like the fitment? You should post some pics :yes:
I like it very much. :yes: Although the lip on the bottom of the front bumper is somewhat lipped up which I don't care too much for.. The back bumper has the holes where the exhaust runs through it and I like that alot :D

These are the wheels I have on my xB

This is very sad but it happened to me back in February. Me & my girlfriend was going down I-75 in Georgia and was behind a 08' Focus. We were going about 75 mph when out of nowhere that Focus locks his brakes up and we hit him right in the a*s. Appearently there was a truck pulling a camper trailer in front of this Focus who was swerving and cutting people off..That's why he jammed his brakes..Come to find out the Georgia State Police pulled the truck over about 1mi. from where we wrecked and he was drunk as hell...

Nonetheless I was extremly pissed. My Scion suffered $9,000 in damage :eek: The Focus on the other hand only had black scuff marks on his car.. :confused: My Scion used to have grey flames on each side of it and a Scion thing across the top of the window..
Come to find
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