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I am about to do my front brakes too. Wtf I have 37,000 and my pads are gone with the wind. I must drive too aggressive! Is it worth it to let brake check do the front end for $225 that's lifetime pads turning rotors and bleeding. I just don't have the time to tpreally do them myself anymore.
One thing to keep in mind with "lifetime" deals is that most likely, only the pads themselves are lifetime. They want you to be "locked-in" as a return customer. When you come back for new pads you likely pay for turning, bleeding, etc. Do you have to pay to have the next set of "free" pads installed or is installation included? I'm not saying it is necessarily a bad thing, just something to consider. I would definitely price several shops and ask what kind of pads they are using too so you are comparing apples to apples.
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