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I'm going either for OEM or high performance
(I drive hard, but am gentle on equipment-> My B has just short of 71,000 miles already.)
I wouldn't mind a performance boost, but the OEM ones stop pretty well.
U sound like me, I would do the TRD's. ( repalcement pads / PTR09-52110 which retail's for $95.00 ) I'm sure they have more bite & last as long as the oem ones. I plan on doing those & TRD stainless lines as soon as I need to replace mine. Only 16,000 miles on mine, so I got a while to go before I need brakes.... I might buy them soon & just hold on to them, because u never know if "toyota" decides to discontinued those parts. They already discontinued the TRD C/F engine cover & illuminated door sills.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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