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Bumper Black Out & Corner License Plate Holder

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I'm going to black out the center of the bumper soon. I can always put the license plate holder back on there once I'm done. But I was thinking of covering the holes with bondo & painting. Then, installing the plate on a holder on the right or left corner of the bumper. Can you guys recommend or show photos of a plate holder for the corner of the bumper for a Gen2 XB?

Also, other than paint... Is there good film that can be used to black out the bumper like the stuff used for the A-pillars? If so, I suppose the stuff would need to be heated to conform to the shape.
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alot of sign places that do vinyl will do it , look up samcarrol on here he ordered some vinyl from someone
The a pillars are covered??? I want my a pillars the same color as my xb
Oh cool, I'm sure someone can match the satin vinyl pretty well. That'll be easier than painting and easily reversible if needed.

Yes, the A pillars are covered. A lot of you guys take the tape off, but I like it. The black pillars make the car look like it has a giant window that wraps around from the back pillars all the way around.
Haha so you can peel them and it just factory paint under. That is crazy I had no idea. Lol
Thx a lot kiteboarder. I'm new here about a week.
Haha so you can peel them and it just factory paint under. That is crazy I had no idea. Lol
Yeah I've done this! I like it a lot better. Brings out even more of the boxy shape in my opinion.
@clujan - No prob, here to help.

@Parkers09xB - How did you do it?
About the best place to start is the corner at the top front door. There is a rounded off corner that your can easily get to, grip, and pull. When you pull, do it back on itself and up. If done at an angle, it will tear.

The biggest issue is that once pulled, it is HARD to put back smooth and clean.

My A-pillars came off ages ago and I LOVE the look w/ them off on my silver. It makes the xB look more "boxy." That said, it looks nice and more "modern" w/ the black there. The only color I think looks infinitely better removed is Black Sand Pearl, as the blacks are different and just looks "off" to me together. Otherwise, it's what YOU like!
On a silver:


(W/ my Miata-> made to looks like a 1960s-ish "race track refugee" Lotus, in Team Lotus Racing Green and Racing Yellow)

Oh, and for a grill comparison body-color vs. black:

And now (well, pre-chrome edging):
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After posting, I noticed . . .
It's interesting seeing the progression of the front of my xB.
debating if i want to or not...i kinda like the big window effect.
I almost peeled mine, but then I went with a black on silver look. So, I kept them to match my front vinyl. :)
I did mine in the winter, so it was in quite a few pieces, but using a hair dryer helped a lot. So just get heat, a good grip, and pull away!
Arizona is my heat its already 98 degrees
Lookin good guys! I don think ill be peelin mine off but I deff wanna do the vinyl on the front bumper. I was thinking of going with that "carbon look" vinyl.... think that will look pretty cool. Ill take some pics when it gets done but for now im just waiting for my 2011 tc wheels to come in :) ill post some pics on another thread for those. Oh and for a plate bracket just look on ebay they have universal ones. I had one on my accord.
debating if i want to or not...i kinda like the big window effect.
Then leave it. You can always do it later, or just leave it one in perpetuum. Like I said before, it is easy to remove and a PITA to put back.
Leave alone till certain . . .
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